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IT Procurement

Procurement & Inventory Management Service

At PTS, we focus on providing top-tier, custom solutions to improve your business operations. Our commitment lies in developing a comprehensive, efficient, and customer-focused approach to procurement, warehouse and inventory management. 

Inventory Management

PTS has established an effective inventory management solution that ensures accurate tracking of all laptop, PC and computer equipment inventory. Our service includes the setup of advanced inventory tracking systems, proactive management of inventory levels to prevent shortages or excess, and regular audits for maintaining high accuracy. Additionally, we securely store your company’s spare devices according to your standards, ready to be quickly deployed on-site at your office when needed. This service supports your business continuity and mitigates potential downtime.

Staging and Setup

Our staging and setup process ensures your devices are ready to be used immediately. We take care of imaging, software installation, and configuration of your equipment to match your specific requirements. This service allows for swift integration with your existing infrastructure and immediate productivity upon deployment.

Storage and Warehouse Management

At PTS, our focus is on providing safe and efficient storage for all technological equipment. We achieve this through effective space management, implementation of robust security measures, and maintaining an environment that preserves the quality of the equipment.


Timely delivery of laptops and other equipment to our clients is a priority at PTS. We manage logistics, maintain constant communication with clients, and ensure their satisfaction with the delivery timing and conditions.

Secure Destruction

We ensure the secure destruction of obsolete or end-of-life equipment, preventing the recovery of any sensitive data. Our destruction protocol follows industry best practices and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Management

PTS manages the return and replacement of defective equipment from clients using a process that aligns with industry standards. Our system ensures quick replacements while appropriately addressing defective units.

Reporting and Documentation

Regular reporting and thorough documentation are essential elements of our operations, supporting transparency and accountability. These processes help us track inventory flow, client deliveries, RMA status, and destruction records.

PTS’s scope offers a comprehensive solution for managing laptop and other technological equipment inventories, from receipt and storage to delivery and secure destruction. Our aim is to deliver maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Trust PTS for tailored technology solutions that genuinely support your business operations.

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