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IT Projects in China

Delivering IT Projects in China

Hong Kong and China especially are important markets for many western companies but from afar they can seem like daunting places to navigate especially when your organisation lacks local knowledge or representation. PTS, as a trustworthy IT business partner, can lead such companies to success in these markets.

Management has announced that they have plans to open a new office in China to manage the local market expansion, liaise with suppliers and take an active sales role in country.

A typical scenario

You as the Head of IT sit in London or New York or some other similar location, you may have never even been to China before let alone tried to deliver remote projects there.

Your management has decided to task you with building out the new office which they plan to locate in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong. 20 desks, new office to be delivered within the next three months.

You will need to procure and deploy:

  • Full infrastructure build
  • Network stack
  • End user devices
  • Carriers
  • Mobile devices
  • MPLS
  • Software and licenses
  • Cloud services


  • How do I procure all the hardware?
  • How everything can be deployed on time?
  • Can the corporate standard devices being procured?
  • Which cloud services are available?
  • How do I navigate the Chinese firewall and internet restrictions
  • Where should the data be stored?
  • What are the local laws and regulations?
  • What security considerations do I need to be aware of?
  • Will the Azure and M365 instance be accessible from there?
  • How the local project on the ground be managed well?
  • How can I manage and support the office infrastructure and staff once up and running?

This scenario is one we come across on a very regular basis, we have helped numerous companies overcome these challenges through the application of our 21 years of experience in delivering projects and services just like this in Hong Kong, China and the broader Asia region.

Based in Hong Kong and China, PTS are an ISO certified IT services company delivering world class services coupled with over two decades of local knowledge. Contact us anytime and see how we can work this out together.