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Hong Kong’s Critical Juncture, ChatGPT and AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make substantial inroads in global business practices, and Hong Kong’s market is no exception. Among the forefront of AI innovations is ChatGPT, a language model developed (LLM) by OpenAI that has garnered the most international attention. But is ChatGPT accessible in Hong Kong? And if so, how could Hong Kong businesses leverage this technology?

Hong Kong’s Positioning on AI:

Unfortunately, ChatGPT is not (officially) available in Hong Kong. The city once stood as a beacon of technology and commerce in Asia and now stands at a critical juncture and needs to decide where it stands on AI, it does not have much time. The current restrictions on direct access to tools like Chat GPT underscore a typically cautious approach to technology innovation. While these concerns are understandable and valid, particularly in terms of security and privacy, there is an inherent risk that too stringent a stance could lead to a lag in the competitive global landscape. If businesses in Hong Kong are not allowed to freely utilise these AI tools, the city could face challenges in maintaining its competitive momentum and be left behind by other countries.

Availability and Access to Chat GPT in Hong Kong:

How many people are already using ChatGPT in Hong Kong? In truth nobody really knows since official numbers are not available due to it being restricted. Anecdotally the number is large and growing fast but is mostly invisible and unreported which in itself poses a greater risk to business than if it was embraced and out in the open.

In response to the restriction, Hong Kong’s more tech savvy community has pivoted, utilising alternatives such as the mobile application “Poe” to engage with Chat GPT’s capabilities​​​​. Moreover, while official registration for ChatGPT in Hong Kong is not an option, businesses and individuals can still access it via third-party applications or through OpenAI’s business partners​​. It is also worth noting that some users have resorted to virtual private networks (VPNs) to interact with the platform from locations where it is available​​ but this also requires an overseas mobile phone number and credit card if you want ChatGPT Plus which gives you full access to the latest version.

The Global AI Surge:

As we move deeper into the 21st century, the acceleration and potential disruption caused by AI is unavoidable. These systems are evolving at a breakneck pace, becoming more sophisticated and integrated into the fabric of global business operations. In this context, regions that embrace AI are poised to gain a competitive edge, fostering innovation and efficiency. Conversely, those that resist may inadvertently hinder their progress and potential for growth.

The Potential of LLMs in Business:

Despite the hurdles in direct accessibility, the potential applications of language models like ChatGPT for Hong Kong businesses are vast. From automating customer interactions to generating insightful market analyses, the efficiency and scalability offered by AI are invaluable. The ability of these models to handle multiple languages seamlessly is particularly beneficial in a trilingual business environment like Hong Kong.

Basic Example Use Cases for ChatGPT in Business:

  • Customer Service Automation: Providing instant, round-the-clock customer support and efficiently handling high volumes of queries.
  • Insightful Market Analytics: Analysing text data at scale to extract market trends, gauge consumer sentiment, and gather competitive intelligence.
  • Efficient Content Generation: Creating initial drafts for reports, articles, and promotional materials that can be fine-tuned by human editors.
  • Language Translation Services: Facilitating communication within multilingual teams and between international clients.
  • Streamlined Project Management: Enhancing task coordination, scheduling, and inter-team communication.

Navigating the Concerns:

The indirect access to Chat GPT in Hong Kong brings unique challenges, particularly in privacy and data protection. Compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (PDPO) is paramount for businesses handling personal data through AI tools​​. Additionally, while LLMs have advanced considerably, the accuracy of their outputs can be variable, thus necessitating careful review and verification by human professionals.

The Unseen Use of AI:

In many businesses across Hong Kong, employees are already incorporating AI tools like Chat GPT into their workflows. This is occurring organically, driven by the demand for efficiency and the ease of access to AI via alternative means. It’s a burgeoning trend that is often happening under the radar of company policies and without the explicit consent of management.

Harnessing the AI Revolution

PTS Managed Services strongly advises businesses to acknowledge and harness this undercurrent of AI usage. It’s essential to channel the potential of AI responsibly and to establish guidelines that ensure information is managed appropriately. Failing to do so could result in a loss of control over sensitive data and proprietary information.

Embracing AI Strategically:

To stay ahead of the curve, Hong Kong businesses must embrace AI strategically. This involves:

  • Setting Clear Policies: Implementing guidelines for AI use that align with Hong Kong’s regulations and ethical standards.
  • Educating Teams: Ensuring staff are knowledgeable about the capabilities and limitations of AI.
  • Monitoring Usage: Keeping track of how AI tools are used within the company to safeguard against data breaches and misuse.
  • Leveraging AI Insights: Utilising AI-generated data and analysis to inform business strategies and decision-making.


AI is not just a fleeting trend; it’s an unstoppable transformative force reshaping the business world. For Hong Kong, the call to action is clear: adapt and harness the power of AI, or risk falling behind in a rapidly advancing technological era. As an established IT services provider, PTS Managed Services is dedicated to guiding Hong Kong businesses through this transition, ensuring they seize the AI opportunity with foresight and control.

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