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Workplace Technology

Workplace Technology

We work with your business to design and deliver agile, enterprise technology, enabling you to keep up with the demands and expectations of modern workspaces.

Ready to redefine what’s possible for your business and future-proof your technology? Engage with our experts today and start the journey towards an agile, technology enabled workspace with PTS.

Technology in Your Workplace

The latest in technology innovation and lessons learnt from extensive market research and project experience. Research, opinion, thought leadership and cutting-edge insight, compiled by our world-class consultants to help guide your decision making. Our expertise brings synergy to users, processes and environment. 

Over 20 years of experience in Hong Kong and China, our reliable and experienced professionals always work proactively fo your business. Get the best project results and support for your workplace environment. Contact us to find out more

reliable and resilient

IT Physical Infrastructure

With expertise in converged IT infrastructure with an understanding of building operations from our construction industry, we design innovative, complex cabling and network solutions to provide a robust platform on which to build a resilient IT infrastructure. This expertise includes designing resilient and energy efficient server rooms and UPS systems.

We work closely with mechanical and electrical engineers (MEP) to ensure that your IT physical infrastructure is supported by the right power and cooling requirements.

  • Infrastructure consultancy
  • Cabling solutions
  • Resilient networks
  • Power and cooling
  • Project management

more than video conferencing

AV & Multimedia

With a reputation for designing and delivering market leading AV and Multimedia solutions, we remain vendor neutral in the best interests of our clients to ensure that AV investments deliver value back to the business. 

We identify how technology can enhance your workplace and propose bespoke solutions. We aim to design and deliver that AV solutions that perfectly match your unique environment and user requirements.  We also ensure that our solutions are easy to operate and maintain and offer ongoing BAU maintenance and support after installation.

  • Design consultancy
  • Audio visual solutions
  • Conference room design
  • Integrated multi platform solutions

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managed WiFi solutions

Wi-Fi Design & Surveys

PTS uses industry leading technologies to create predictive Wi-Fi heat maps of your environment overlayed onto your office floor plans, including planning for the optimum positioning of your WiFi access points.

We design your Wi-Fi on this data and analysis to ensure high performance and security across your organisation.

  • High performance WI-Fi network design
  • Troubleshooting existing Wi-Fi networks to ensure maximum coverage and stability
  • Predictive and physical Wi-Fi heat mapping and reporting
  • Outsourced & secure managed guest Wi-Fi solutions

PTS Solutions

Our specialist, experienced Consultants and Engineers design and deliver technology solutions to uncompromising standards of quality and reliability.

  • System design services

  • Project management services

  • Design and build services

    staying connected


    A high performance network is fundamental to the operation of all organisations. This applies to both the wired and wireless aspects of a network. 

    Our Consultants work with many clients across multiple industries to help them define a network strategy and support the conversion of this to reality through design, specification and implementation. Taking into consideration such requirements as high-density Wi-Fi environments and support for software-defined networking (SDN).

    • Network design consultancy
    • Design and build services
    • Managed IT support services

    Providing safe hands

    IT Asset Relocations

    Whether equipment needs moving within one location or between two locations we can manage the whole process for you with care and precision. Our experienced teams transport a wide range of specialist equipment whether it be from your server room, user desktop, or AV systems. 

    Utilising our strong project management and IT support heritage, we work closely with our clients to ensure that all aspects of the migration are captured prior to commencement of work. This experience ensures there are no unpleasant surprises on move day. .

    • Smart hands
    • Managed IT support
    • Desk move projects
    • Moves, adds, changes

    Keeping your business safe

    Physical Security

    PTS designs physical and electronic security measures to overcome the challenges faced when keeping your business secure. We work closely with our clients to identify all potential risks and threats to the business.

    Our solutions cover the whole security lifecycle, from strategy through to due diligence, design, implementation and ongoing support. Our understanding of the convergence of IT, AV and Physical Security provides our security team with a unique capability to provide our clients with fully comprehensive, advanced security solutions.



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