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Cybersecurity is much more than IT. Your staff are an essential ingredient in the ongoing effort to reduce security risks.

We believe that cybersecurity goes beyond the realm of IT. It’s an integral part of your business landscape, with every team member playing a crucial role. Your staff are the first line of defense, and their awareness, understanding, and response to potential threats are key to reducing security risks.

Managed Cybersecurity Services: Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

In the current digital landscape, cybersecurity is not just an option; it’s a necessity. As a leading managed IT security service Provider, PTS is dedicated to fortifying businesses against the ever-evolving threats in cyberspace. Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in Hong Kong cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring robust protection in an increasingly vulnerable digital world.

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cybersecurity training

Education is our passport to the future

Cybersecurity Training

Recognizing that your employees can be the weakest link or the strongest line of defense against cyber threats, PTS offers comprehensive cybersecurity training. Our tailored in-person training programs aim to elevate the knowledge and awareness within your business, effectively transforming your staff into an integral component of your cyber defense strategy. This training extends to incident response, ensuring your team is prepared to handle and mitigate potential security breaches, thereby reducing risks and fortifying your organization’s overall computer security posture.

  • In person and tailored staff training
  • Increase knowledge within your business to reduce risks
  • Incident response training
Cybersecurity managed service

Ready, set, defend

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing by PTS is a critical audit process identifying potential weak points in your network’s perimeter. This simulated, non-destructive attack methodically tests for exploitable vulnerabilities, mirroring techniques used by cybercriminals. After discovering these weak points, PTS strengthens and secures them, recommending annual assessments to ensure ongoing protection.

This service regularly tests all digital environments, including websites and services. It provides comprehensive reporting and a detailed mitigation plan, all under the philosophy of “Detect Before You Get Hacked.

  • Regular penetration testing of your environment
  • Include websites and services
  • Full and detailed reporting of all vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation plan for security improvements

Detect before you get hacked

Vulnerability Scan

PTS’s Vulnerability Scan service is tailored to uncover and address risks within your internal network. By scanning for and identifying vulnerabilities, this service plays a crucial role in preventing internal exploits by attackers. Regular internal scanning and vigilant network monitoring enable early detection of anomalous behaviors and potential security threats.

PTS focuses on proactively identifying and fortifying these vulnerabilities, ensuring that your internal cybersecurity measures are robust and resilient against evolving digital threats.

  • Regular internal vulnerability scanning
  • Network monitoring to spot anomalous behaviour
  • Spot vulnerabilities before they are exploited
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Did you know

PTS is ISO 20000 & 27001 certified

We deliver security related IT services as recognised in ISO 20000. With adherence to the requirements of the standard you will benefit from best practice, helping to improve the security of your IT assets.

Secure The perimeter

Email Security

Email security is a critical frontline in the battle against cybersecurity threats. As a top managed security service provider in Hong Kong, PTS employs next-generation email gateways and specialized tools to shield your inboxes from a spectrum of digital dangers, including phishing and spam.

These vigilant solutions significantly mitigate risks to your organization, filtering out targeted and random phishing attempts and reducing the influx of marketing spam. This dual approach to email security curtails the annoyance of unsolicited emails and, more importantly, acts as a robust barrier against potentially harmful content, safeguarding both incoming and outgoing data and maintaining the integrity of your communication channels.

  • Next generation email gateways to protect incoming and outgoing data
  • Cut down on malicious phishing emails both targeted and random
  • Reduce marketing spam cluttering up email inboxes

Prepare your staff

Phishing Tests

Phishing remains the most prevalent attack method in cyberspace, necessitating heightened vigilance across all organizational levels. PTS addresses this threat through strategic phishing tests, deploying “friendly” phishing emails to evaluate and educate your staff.

This proactive approach tests their response to potential threats and reinforces their ability to recognize and avoid such attacks. Our service includes ongoing phishing testing, comprehensive reporting on staff behavior, and online training programs aimed at improving cybersecurity awareness.

  • Ongoing phishing testing of your staff
  • Detailed reporting to monitor behaviour
  • Online training for staff to help educate and improve awareness
end point protection

Always use protection

Anti-Virus & End Point Protection

In the ever-evolving sphere of cybersecurity, Anti-Virus and Endpoint Protection are crucial for safeguarding against digital threats. We recognize the need for comprehensive protection that goes beyond traditional anti-virus solutions. Our endpoint protection is a holistic security measure, effectively guarding against various threats, from malware to ransomware.

This service is designed to protect every end-user and endpoint device connected to your corporate network, ensuring robust security through continuous monitoring and rapid response capabilities. With PTS, your endpoint protections are centrally managed, guaranteeing that all devices are consistently updated with the latest security measures, reflecting our commitment to providing top-tier managed IT security services.

  • Protect every end user and end point device with next generation security measures
  • Monitor and respond effectively and quickly
  • Centrally manage all end point protections ensuring the latest updates are always applied
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Transforming Your Workforce into Cyber Guardians

  • Personalized In-Person Training Sessions: Recognizing that one size does not fit all in cybersecurity training, we provide in-person, customized training sessions. These are developed to align with the specific cybersecurity challenges and objectives of your business.
  • Enhancing Cybersecurity Awareness: Our training programs are designed to raise awareness about the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices. From fundamental principles to advanced protective strategies, we ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge to recognize and mitigate cyber risks effectively.
  • Focused Incident Response Training: We also emphasize training your staff on how to respond effectively in the event of a security breach. This aspect of training is crucial for minimizing potential damage and ensuring a swift recovery from any cyber incidents.

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