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PTS Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is much more than IT. Your staff are an essential ingredient in the ongoing effort to reduce security risks.

We believe that cybersecurity goes beyond the realm of IT. It’s an integral part of your business landscape, with every team member playing a crucial role. Your staff are the first line of defense, and their awareness, understanding, and response to potential threats are key to reducing security risks.

Why Cybersecurity?

The five most efficient cyber defenders are: Anticipation, Education, Detection, Reaction and Resilience. 

Security threats affect every business and every individual, these threats evolve continuously and can cause catastrophic harm to your critical systems, reputation, information privacy and security. 

A huge proportion of cyber attacks are aimed at small to medium businesses and the risk is only increasing. Make sure your business is better prepared and protected.

It takes years to build your business and reputation but only minutes to damage it.

Cybersecurity managed service, staff training

Education is our passport to the future

Cybersecurity Training

The first and best security device any organisation can deploy to protect their business is well trained and security aware staff. Your people can be your weakest link or your best defence against cyber attackers. 

Through good cybersecurity training and processes, your staff should become an integral part of your cyber defence plan.

  • In person and tailored staff training
  • Increase knowledge within your business to reduce risks
  • Incident response training
Cybersecurity managed service

Ready, set, defend

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is essentially an audit of the possible weak points in the perimeter of your network, this includes a non-destructive technical attack on your network to test for weaknesses that criminals could exploit to gain entry. 

Once any weak points have been identified they can be strengthened and better protected. We recommend carrying out this kind of assessment at least annually.

  • Regular penetration testing of your environment
  • Include websites and services
  • Full and detailed reporting of all vulnerabilities
  • Mitigation plan for security improvements

Detect before you get hacked

Vulnerability Scan

Like the penetration test this kind of audit looks across your internal network for vulnerabilities and any weak points which could be exploited by attackers who are already inside the network.

  • Regular internal vulnerability scanning
  • Network monitoring to spot anomalous behaviour
  • Spot vulnerabilities before they are exploited
ISO 20000
ISO 20000

Did you know

PTS is ISO 20000 certified

We deliver security related IT services as recognised in ISO 20000. With adherence to the requirements of the standard you will benefit from best practice, helping to improve the security of your IT assets.

Prepare your staff

Phishing Tests

Today the most common attack method employed by cyber criminals is email phishing; every organisation large and small should be hyper vigilant against this kind of attack. The best method is through testing and education. 

As part of our service we deploy our own “friendly” phishing emails against your staff in order to test their response and better educate them on how not to fall victim to these insidious attacks.

  • Ongoing phishing testing of your staff
  • Detailed reporting to monitor behaviour
  • Online training for staff to help educate and improve awareness

Secure The perimeter

Email Security

By deploying specialist tools, you can help to protect your inboxes from many in the wild threats and cut down on endless spam. At best spam is annoying at worst it can be a significant threat, many attacks begin here with seemingly innocent emails. 

Deploying these vigilant solutions can considerably reduce the risk to your organisation as well as cutting down on unwanted marketing spam.

  • Next generation email gateways to protect incoming and outgoing data
  • Cut down on malicious phishing emails both targeted and random
  • Reduce marketing spam cluttering up email inboxes
Cybersecurity managed service

Always use protection

Anti-Virus & End Point Protection

The one element of cyber security that almost everyone is aware of is Anti-Virus. These days Anti-Virus or end point protection has evolved into a more holistic solution. Centrally managed and offering a broad range of protective security from malware to ransomware protection for all the devices connected to your corporate network.

  • Protect every end user and end point device with next generation security measures
  • Monitor and respond effectively and quickly
  • Centrally manage all end point protections ensuring the latest updates are always applied


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