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Cloud managed service

Cloud Migration & Management Solution: Optimize Costs & Security


In an age where the technology is perpetually evolving, businesses, both small and large are increasingly migrating to cloud based solutions. This transition is prompted by the promise of enhanced efficiency, endless scalability, and reduced dependency on expensive physical infrastructure. However, as technology shifts from private data centres to the vast expanse and opportunity of the cloud, the need for expert support becomes even more critical.

PTS Managed Services recognises this need and offers tailored cloud managed services and cloud migration solution to ensure that your transition to and operation within the cloud is seamless, secure, and efficient for your business.

The Evolution of Business Infrastructure

Traditional IT infrastructure, with its physical servers and storage devices, has served businesses reliably for decades, but cloud migration offers new possibilities. But in recent years, the cloud, with its endless scalability virtual platforms and services, offers a new opportunities for businesses which didn’t exist previously or were out of reach of many SME’s. It provides a level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness that physical infrastructures struggle to match.

While the cloud diminishes the need for hardware and reduce cost, it amplifies the need for skilled cloud management. The expertise required to maintain and optimise cloud environments differs significantly from that of traditional IT systems. This is where a dedicated cloud managed services provider becomes invaluable.

Understanding Cloud Managed Services

Cloud managed services involve the delegation of your cloud infrastructure’s management to a third-party provider like PTS. This service encompasses a wide array of functions, including network operations, cloud security, data backup, recovery solutions, and performance monitoring. Essentially, PTS becomes the custodian of your cloud environment, ensuring its health, security, and performance align with your business objectives.

The PTS Approach to Cloud Migration & Cloud Management

At PTS, our approach to managing your cloud infrastructure is built on a foundation of four pillars:

  1. Strategic Alignment We begin by understanding your business goals. This holistic comprehension enables us to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is not just technically sound but also strategically aligned with your long-term objectives.
  2. Security and Compliance With cyber threats increasing, security is not an afterthought but a prerequisite to any cloud strategy. Coupled with this is the adherence to compliance standards relevant to your business or industry.
  3. Optimisation and Efficiency Our cloud management services are dynamic, with continuous monitoring and cloud cost and operaton optimization to ensure efficiency and performance.
  4. Support and Scalability As your business grows, so should your cloud infrastructure. We provide ongoing support and the capability to scale your services to suit the changing demands of your business.

The PTS Advantage in Cloud Management

Technical Expertise

Our team possesses the specialised skills necessary for cloud management, which diverge from traditional IT skill sets. This expertise is crucial in navigating the complexities of cloud technology.

Holistic Management

PTS offers an all-encompassing management service. From monitoring and support to strategic advice, we handle all aspects of your cloud environment.

Proactive Support

Our proactive approach to support ensures that potential issues are identified and remedied before they escalate, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind.

Cost Management

We specialize in cloud cost optimization, ensuring you’re not overpaying and efficiently scaling your services to match demand.

Security and Compliance

Our robust security measures and compliance protocols are designed to protect your data and meet industry standards, providing a secure cloud environment for your business.

Why Choose PTS for Cloud Managed Services?

In choosing PTS for your cloud managed services, you are not merely selecting a provider; you are choosing a partner committed to the excellence and growth of your business. With our experienced team, strategic approach, and dedicated support, we ensure that your journey to the cloud is as promising as the technology itself.

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