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Hong Kong and China IT transformation

PTS helps multinational company to deliver China and Hong Kong transformation


A western based international company with global operations approached PTS for help with their China based offices and manufacturing facilities. They had a mix of already well established offices as well as new acquisitions of Chinese owned operations including manufacturing and back office operations.

These China based operations needed to be brought up to compliance with their global standards for technology and risk.

Following on from this project they also required ongoing operational IT support and management of the infrastructure, networks and end user environment. The company had no IT staff within the region and with the added complexity of Covid restricting travel, had to find a reliable partner who understood what they needed to achieve and could be trusted to deliver it.


Due to the fact that these various locations within China had either grown organically with little oversight from HQ or had been brought into the group through acquisition they were far from compliant to the global standards required by the group.

Additionally, there was no IT operational management or support in time zone or available in the local language.

The company was challenged by their lack of experience in delivering complex IT projects in China, while also having no direct on the ground access to their operations due to Covid restrictions on travel.

PTS delivered a comprehensive IT audit across all sites and then in partnership with the client IT teams, designed and delivered a complete IT transformation project to bring all sites in line with global IT compliance policy. Following this transformation project PTS Managed Services now provides BAU IT support and proactive management for all end users, networks, server, cloud and security.


To address the challenges faced by the company, PTS implemented a comprehensive solution to bring their China-based operations up to compliance with global standards and provide ongoing IT support and management. The solution involved the following steps:

  1. IT Audit: PTS conducted a thorough IT audit across all sites in China. This assessment helped identify the gaps and areas of non-compliance with the global IT standards. The audit also provided valuable insights into the existing infrastructure, networks, and end-user environment.
  2. Transformation Project: In partnership with the client’s IT teams, PTS designed and executed a complete IT transformation project. The goal was to align all sites with the global IT compliance policy. This involved implementing necessary infrastructure upgrades, security measures, and technology enhancements.
  3. Compliance Alignment: PTS worked closely with the client’s IT teams to ensure that all sites met the required global standards. This included upgrading hardware and software, implementing standardised security protocols, and establishing best practices for technology usage. PTS provided expertise on Chinese regulations and local compliance requirements to ensure a seamless alignment with the company’s global standards.
  4. Managed Services: After the IT transformation project, PTS assumed the responsibility of providing ongoing operational IT support and management for all sites in China. This included managing the infrastructure, networks, server environments, cloud services, and security systems. PTS established a dedicated team to handle IT support requests, perform regular maintenance, and proactively monitor the IT environment to prevent issues.
  5. Language and Time Zone Support: Recognising the importance of local language support, PTS ensured that its team included bilingual IT professionals who could communicate effectively with the China-based staff. The support services were available during local business hours to address any IT issues promptly.
  6. Remote Management: Considering the travel restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic, PTS leveraged remote management tools and technologies to monitor and manage the IT infrastructure across all sites. This allowed for efficient troubleshooting, proactive maintenance, and remote assistance for end users, reducing the need for on-site visits.


Through the collaboration with PTS, the company achieved the following outcomes:

  1. IT Compliance: All China-based sites were successfully brought in line with the company’s global IT compliance policy. The standardised infrastructure, security measures, and technology implementations ensured consistency and adherence to the required standards.
  2. Improved Operational Efficiency: The IT transformation project led to enhanced operational efficiency across all sites. Upgraded infrastructure and optimised networks enabled smoother workflows, increased productivity, and reduced downtime.
  3. Ongoing Support: PTS’s managed services ensured that the company had reliable and responsive IT support for their China-based operations. The dedicated team provided timely assistance, proactive monitoring, and regular maintenance, minimising disruptions and maximising system uptime.
  4. Local Language and Time Zone Support: The availability of bilingual IT professionals during local business hours facilitated effective communication and troubleshooting, contributing to a better user experience and faster issue resolution.
  5. Remote Management Capabilities: The use of remote management tools allowed for efficient IT management and reduced reliance on on-site visits, overcoming the challenges posed by Covid-related travel restrictions.

By partnering with PTS, the company successfully addressed its IT challenges in China, achieving compliance, operational efficiency, and reliable IT support for their global operations.


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