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Great Firewall

The Great Firewall of China


The Great Firewall of China is the popular name for the system of internet censorship and surveillance in China. It is one of the most sophisticated and extensive systems of censorship in the world. The Great Firewall blocks many foreign websites and monitors citizens’ internet activity. For foreign businesses operating in China, it is important to understand how the Great Firewall works and how it can significantly impact your business.

Censorship of Foreign Websites

The Great Firewall blocks access to a huge number of major foreign websites and online services, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and many others. It uses a combination of IP blocking, DNS filtering, and keyword detection to thoroughly censor content deemed politically, socially, or morally threatening by the Chinese government. Many businesses rely heavily on these websites and services, so they need to find approved alternatives when operating in China.

Monitoring and Restricting Access

The Great Firewall also constantly monitors internet users’ activity and can quickly slow down or completely cut off access to the internet for individuals or groups that the government wants to restrict. The government uses the Great Firewall to tightly control access to information and crack down on any signs of dissent or criticism. Businesses must ensure they strictly follow Chinese censorship laws and avoid any forbidden topics in order to keep their employees’ internet access open and avoid legal trouble.

Widespread Implications for Businesses

For foreign companies operating in China, the Great Firewall has extremely significant implications that touch nearly every aspect of their work. Businesses must find approved Chinese alternatives to the many banned websites and services they rely on, which can be difficult and limit their capabilities. They also need to vigorously self-censor to comply with Chinese law and avoid their content or services being banned. The Great Firewall also gives the Chinese government a huge amount of power over businesses’ communications, access to information, and more. Companies should be fully aware of these far-reaching restrictions before entering the Chinese market.


China’s Great Firewall is an advanced and powerful system of censorship and surveillance that all companies operating in China must deal with extensively. By blocking a wide range of foreign websites, closely monitoring user activity, and controlling access to information, the Great Firewall creates a very restricted digital environment that is vastly different from most other countries. Businesses that want to establish a presence in China’s large market must go in with a clear understanding of the broad implications of the Great Firewall and a willingness to strictly comply with its restrictions in order to succeed.


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